Polished and exposed concrete floors are inherently sustainable because they eliminate the need for applied floor coverings. It provides an easily cleanable floor with low-impact maintenance requirements (dry mop, wash with water or mild cleanser) that eliminates waxing and stripping chemicals, imposing low life-cycle impacts on the environment.

Dust mopping of your polished concrete floor (Daily or weekly-depending on foot traffic) will dramatically increase the life and durability of your floor.

Periodic damp mopping with a cleaner will restore the gloss and remove any dirt or debris that is too stubborn to be removed by dust mopping alone. We recommend using Ameripolish SureLock Rejuvinating cleaner.

Ameripolish SureLock Rejuvenating Cleaner is a mild, pH neutral cleanser for polished concrete floors. It increases the water-repellance of stain protection application in areas that are scratched or worn.

Download the Rejuvenating Cleaner Technical Data Sheet or visit the Ameripolish website for more information.

Eventually (many years in most cases), depending on how well a floor is maintained and the amount of foot traffic, polished concrete floors will start to lose their shine. The shine can be restored by applying Ameripolish Stain Protector. Apply the stain protector with a microfiber pad. Once the protector has cured overnight, it can be buffed with a 3000 grit diamond impregnated buffing pad from HTC. This will restore the gloss and make your polished concrete seem new again.

Visit the HTC website to purchase a 3000 grit Twister pad.

Visit the Ameri-polish website to purchase Ameri-polish Stain Protector.

A high speed burnisher can be rented in most cities from commercial janitorial supply companies. In Lynchburg, we recommend Southern Maintenance Supply. A one day rental typically costs about $25.